VCCA introduces the work of contemporary artist Le Kinh Tai

On October 14th, VCCA will open the exhibition “Retrospective – Retrospective” by painter Le Kinh Tai – one of the most controversial and controversial artists of contemporary Vietnamese painting.

This is also the first time that the entire 2,000m2 VCCA exhibition space is fully open, allowing audiences to admire with a view of 9 unique sculptures and nearly 30 large paintings. There is a painting of up to 6m in the same space.

“Retrospective” focuses on the mature stage of art by artist Le Kinh Tai with the strong self in the work. Bringing the spirit of “exposing one’s self on the face” instead of merely “conquering the beauty of sight”, the works presented in the exhibition are particularly impressive and have depth.VCCA introduces the work of contemporary artist Le Kinh Tai

The commonality of works is satirical, mockery, exploitation of the issues surrounding the human self, whether manifested or hidden in the forms of social and cultural communication, Simulated between the “child” and “human”. With “Retrospective,” Le Kinh Tai does not simply look back to the past to look back on the path that has gone by, but also to look at ourselves and the changes in the depths of the interior after 20 years of writing.


Admire Le Kinh Tai, viewers can feel the positive energy amidst a space filled with the colors of life’s reality, 21st century citizens take the contemporary breath of a consumer society – where collision, conflict and interference values


Le Kinh Tai is one of the special phenomena of the contemporaneous art of Vietnam with controversial style, receiving the flow of appreciation in the opposite extreme contrast. This artist graduated from the University of Fine Arts in 1997 has quickly become one of the prominent faces of the art life of Ho Chi Minh City after 2000.

VCCA introduces the work of contemporary artist Le Kinh Tai

He is also the author of high priced paintings in the art market. Le Kinh Tai paintings are collected by many individuals, in which special guests – Chua G.Bee (Zen Gallery) have collected Le Kinh Tai paintings for many years to carry out a project to introduce the author. Products in contemporary museums in the United States, Hong Kong (China), Chile, Singapore, Indonesia …

Le Kinh Tai has over 10 solo exhibitions, nearly 30 exhibitions in and outside of Vietnam. country. He has won numerous scholarships for outstanding residency programs including the 2011 Haslla Artworld Museum, Korea; Full scholarship of resident artists in 2009, 2011 organized by Vermont Studio Center – USA …

The retrospective exhibition is open to the public from October 15th to November 12th at the Vincom Contemporary Art Center VCCA, B1-R3 Vincom Royal City, 72 Nguyen Trai, Thanh Xuan, Ha Cabinet. In the framework of the exhibition, painter Le Kinh Tai will also have a public hearing on the artistic path he pursued on November 11.

“Retrospective” is the third largest exhibition organized by VCCA alongside a range of artistic activities including seminars, workshops, musical performances and contemporary dance. After more than 3 months of operation, VCCA has successfully started to connect artists with the public, contributing to the inspiration and spiritual enrichment for the Vietnamese people; Step by step to become a creative center and connect Vietnam contemporary art with contemporary world art.

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