The Country House Bien Hoa – Modern and folk artifacts in urban space

Located in the industrialized urban area of Bien Hoa, The Country House still carries the values of folk design and energy from the environment to minimize energy consumption.

“Sponge Structure”

Considering the structure of the building, functional rooms are located between the open spaces: large curved corridors, gardens, courtyards and central areas are arranged in a flexible manner. The open terrace is covered by roofs of cottages and is tied with rope roofs. The whole structure of the building is based on human proportions.

The Country House Bien Hoa - Modern and folk artifacts in urban space

Consider folk architecture

Based on traditional experiences, the interaction between the inside and the outside in multi-dimensional architecture plays an important role. The sunshade system is made of wood and appears along the roof, creating a curved surface. Besides, the natural gray color of the roof as you mix into the garden.

Convenience from climate and energy

The entire functional space is covered with canopy roofs and timber logs. The walls cover two layers of unbaked brick including an ecological insulating layer. Each room has at least two sides interacting with nature creating a fresh and comfortable indoor atmosphere.

The Country House Bien Hoa - Modern and folk artifacts in urban space

An intelligent electronic system that governs all electronic devices depends on individual needs in an economical, efficient and economical way. Solar cells produce 5KW of electricity per day placed on top of the roof and reduce power consumption by transfer cables. A large 370m² large water tank collects rainwater enough to grow plants in the garden. In addition, the leaf roof also adjusts the climate in the home.

All projects evoke familiar images, both folk and modern. Urban House as a hint to inherit the core architectural value from the countryside.

Project information:

Architecture: 1 + 1> 2 Architects

Location: Bien Hoa, Vietnam

Architects: Hoang Thuc Hao, Nguyen Van Tuan, Nguyen Trong Duc

Area: 440m2

Year completed: 2016

Photography: Son Vu

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