Female artist over 5 years portrays the heroic Vietnamese Mother

Female artist over 5 years portrays the heroic Vietnamese Mother

Over the past five years, female artist Dang Ai Viet has been alone on an old motorcycle in 63 provinces throughout the country to pay tribute to the Heroic Vietnamese Mother in a very personal way.

Painter Dang Ai Viet shared: “There are many ways of gratitude, my grateful way is to record beautiful images of Vietnamese Heroic Mother.”

At home, portraits of Vietnamese Mother Heroes are the project “Time Travel Timeline” by artist Dang Ai Viet started more than 5 years ago and from February 19, 2010 to now, never she rested. “I remember all the Mom that I had come and painted. I have painted 1,304 mothers. The mother is always in my heart and my brain “- said the artist.

This year is also nearing the end of the century, but when embarking on the project “time travel”, painter Dang Ai Viet always have to race, a decisive race, when she still has to accept the loss. “There are 63 provinces but I only had time to portray the mother of 62 provinces because when I arrived in Lao Cai, the province had only one mother alive but when I got to her mother died. I’m a loser in a tough race with time. ”

Female artist over 5 years portrays the heroic Vietnamese Mother

The project is scheduled to run for five years. However, artist Dang Ai is still struggling with the journey. In Ho Chi Minh City, she will have eight more districts to go, then Dong Nai, Tay Ninh. The trip will continue, she just hope to always win the race with grim time.

She talked about her original idea:

“In 1994, when the State decided to confer the title of ‘heroic Vietnamese mother’, it was also my husband and I. – People’s Artist Pham Khac raised the idea of painting the portrait of the mother. However, after that my husband died so that until 2010 I can make his trip. To fulfill his dream, painter Dang Ai Viet has been traveling with his car through many provinces throughout the country for seven years.

There are places where repeated reminders she still can not suppress her feelings. “Just arrived in Lao Cai, I received news that the last Vietnamese heroic mother of the province died a few weeks ago. At that time, I was standing on top of Sapa and wanted to plunge down. I am saddened by a mother who has just left and knows that she can not improve the drawings of mothers across the country anymore … “- painter Dang Ai Viet.

Attending the meeting, musician Dao Son said that the paintings of Dang Ai Viet has touched deep feelings of the mother. Each wrinkle is thoroughly scrubbed with painful eyes have left a strong impression on the viewer. Talking about his sketches, Dang Ai Viet shared: “The drawing I am not the face of the mother but the soul of them. If the mother’s children are heroes, they have a fateful life. In their hearts there is patience but also pain because of the loss of the child by his intestines. The pain was engraved on each facial expression, the cheek over time. My job is to show them through layers of overlapping layers on paper and pass them on to the next generation”.

In order to make his special trip, painter Dang Ai Viet spent a very long preparation period. Understanding the journey will be very arduous so every day she dropped stones, kick in the balo and walk to improve physical strength. Besides, a week later, she fasted for a day. At times, she would go for three to four days in order to be able to withstand the misfortune of being strayed.

Painter Dang Ai Viet also disclosed that when she intended to make the trip, she bought a book on dynamics to learn about the mechanism of the car chaly and repair itself when the car breaks down along the road. The serious preparation has helped Deng Ai Viet have the opportunity to complete the heart of his life. Sharing with the audience at the talk, she said she will continue the work of drawing her heroic Vietnamese Mother:”I want to draw all the mothers all over the country, drawing until I use up my abilities. If one day my mothers disappear, I will draw on the Heroes of the People’s Armed Forces, who also sacrificed their blood for the country today”.

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