DAL EAST - fever of the worn Land - solo show

sabato 29 maggio 2010


"Second life ", Paint on wall, Phnom Penh-Cambodia. 2007

"Flickr", Paint on wall, Phnom Penh-Cambodia. 2007

Facebook", spray paint on scrap-yard, Bamako - Mali, 2008

Apple -beiijn - China 2009
Artist: Filippo Minelli
webiste: www.filipominelli.com
PHOTO BY: Filippo Minelli

CONTRADDICTIONS SERIES: http://www.filippominelli.com/contraddictions.html

Random Words
opening on may 29th at 6 pm Piazza Malvezzi 38, Galleria Civica Gian Battista Bosio /
Desenzano del Garda.
Texts by Vittorio Sgarbi and Stefano Verri

We went to the opening and we had a chance to talk with him about is amazing art. The show is great ( the catolue is free text by Vittorio Sgarbi & Stefano Verri). This guy really spread his art all around the globe ( and we love this).

opening Filippo Minelli show in Desenzan (italy)

our favourite piece is called " i'm gettitng bored of new artists" - Polaroid - cm 25x83 cm - 2009

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