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mercoledì 5 maggio 2010

C215 goes big in Rome

C215 - ROMA (Via Persico)

French Artist C215 hits Rome (Italy). http://www.flickr.com/photos/c215/

"I had the chance yesterday to overcome my vertigo and glue that 10 meter by 6 meter portrait in a popular district of Roma called Garbatella. This is a portrait of a Romanian lady that I glued to fight racism against gypsies in Europe since there are more and more pogroms done to them since they integrated Europe, with camps put on fire etc. without reactions of authorities." c215

MOREABOUT OUT-DOOR EXHIBITION : http://www.out-door.it (ENGISH :http://www.out-door.it/home-eng )

In Garbatella, several lotti — Fascist era housing projects — will become the canvases for large stenciled posters by prominent Roman and French street artists. The installation, called “Outdoor,” will feature the artwork of Sten & Lex, JB Rock, C215 and L’Atlas. Their posters will be attached from May 4 to 7 and will hang on the lotti between Via Caffaro, Via Gerolamo Adorno and Via Ignazio Persico. “Outdoor” will be curated by the NUfactory and is partially sponsored by the French Embassy. Read more on New York Times blog (click here).

Dal 7 maggio al 15 giugno nel quartiere della Garbatella (Via Caffaro, Via Gerolamo Adorno e Via Ignazio Persico) Sten&Lex, JB Rock, L’Atlas e C215 saranno protagonisti di interventi mirati, affiggendo poster di grandezze monumentali (fino a 12×26 metri) sulle facciate laterali delle palazzine di proprietà dell’Ater, l’Azienda Territoriale per l’Edilizia Residenziale Pubblica del Comune di Roma. Leggi articolo su www.artsblog.it

Questa sera (5 maggio 2010) dalle ore 18 presso lo Spazio Concept in Via Forcella 7 a Milano: FINISSAGE della mostra personale di C215 (C215 SOLO EXHIBITION). Una occasione imperdibile per vedere piu' di 60 opere di uno degli artisti piu' interessanti del panorama della street art internazionale.
Per maggiori informazioni visita il blog della mostra: www.c215.wordpress.com

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Jessica ha detto...

Bravo C215! I had the pleasure of watching this pasted up and it was amazing. I'll be publishing photos shortly and am jealous of the people who get to see this out their window everyday!